Understanding the Income Shares Model

Child SupportIn Colorado, guidelines on how parents will support their children in case of a divorce are spelled out. These guidelines are complex and detailed. You may need help from a child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs to understand the income shares model. The basic concept of the model is to approximate the total support amount that the children would require from an intact family. This amount is split between the parents in a proportional manner based on their incomes.

Completing a Child Support Worksheet

Choose worksheet A, which entails sole physical care. The parent having less physical time with their children should complete this form. Worksheet B is completed when the children spend more than 93 overnights with both parents. Separate worksheets are filled when the parents have a split care situation. The worksheets are completed based on the parenting time, which forms the basis of adjustments in support amounts. According to Shaynelaw.com, it's the court’s discretion to determine the child support amount to be contributed by each parent.

Assessing the Income to be Used towards Child Support

By consulting the Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations, you learn more about the basic support obligations. Below is the analysis of the income and expenses used in calculating the child support amount.

  • Gross Income: This includes wages, self-employment income insurance benefits, pensions, and commissions.
  • Gross Income Adjustments – Spousal maintenance is added to the gross income. The parent paying the spousal maintenance or any support to the children can deduct this amount from the gross income.
  • Other Expenses – This includes health insurance cost and any other childcare costs or expenses ordered by the court. Based on the proportion to their incomes, parents should share these expenses.
  • Imputed Income – In the evidence of unemployment, the court may determine the amount to be contributed by such a parent based on his or her income.

For a child who has completed high school, child support obligation goes on up to the month that the child turns 18. The courts can modify child support in case of material changes in circumstances.