IL DUI: 3 Ways to Obtain the Best-Case Scenario in Your Case

DUI Lawyer in IllinoisDriving under the influence is a serious crime in Illinois. Needless to say, its punishments are no laughing matter. Apart from fines worth thousands of dollars and a lengthy jail time, you might put your driving privileges in jeopardy if you get convicted. And as you can completely avoid an arrest—no matter how honest a driver you are—the key is to make smart decisions from the time you got pulled over.

In Springfield IL, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer should be a no-brainer. However, not everyone realizes these actions make a difference to his case.

Keep Quiet

Rule number one in DUI arrest is to avoid talking too much. Not that it’s wrong to fight for your case, but the street is never a proper venue to wage a war of words with the police.

Irrespective of the mood you’re in, there’s no excuse for being impolite to the authority. More often than not, your rude behavior would only make matters worse.

Remember your Miranda rights, and answer only basic questions to avoid giving the traffic officer probable cause to arrest you — and strengthen his case against you.

Choose a Bench Trial

Now, if you have to go court due to a DUI arrest, it’s advisable to waive your right to a jury trial. Involving a jury is costly to both you and the state. Plus, it’s hard to get a favorable verdict based on emotion no matter how strong your defense is. No one approves drunk driving, so it’s best to not to be judged based on the general perception of the public toward this matter.

Aim for Court Supervision (If Not Acquittal)

You want your case, of course, dismissed but if you can’t, you can settle with court supervision. Court supervision the next-best sentence you could get after acquittal. And if you could show the court that you completely abide by its rules under the supervision period, your case may be eventually dismissed.

A DUI charge could change your life forever. By all means, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Use a clinical approach to finding your way out of this trouble.