A Short Guide to 3 of the Most Common Drug Crimes

Leading Drug Offenses in CincinnatiThere are many types of drug crimes covered by state and federal laws. In general, the government prohibits the possession, production, and sale of controlled substances such as illegal drugs.

Drug offenses that go against the federal law are punishable with sentences typically longer than state drug charges. According to drug crime attorneys in Cincinnati, even probation or short-term sentence due to local drug law violation can significantly affect a person’s record.

Here’s a short guide to the most common types of drug crimes.

Drug Possession

Possession is one of the most common local drug offenses. In such charges, the accused person has consciously and intentionally possessed a controlled substance without valid prescription. Before the defendant is charged with the crime, the possessed amount must be deemed enough for personal use or sale.

Possession of paraphernalia linked to drug use is also prohibited by the law. This includes syringes, cocaine pipes, bongs (water pipes), rolling papers, and scales. Sale, import, and export of such drug paraphernalia also go against the law, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center.

Drug Manufacturing

A person violates federal and state drug laws if they are involved in any part of the cultivation or production of illegal drugs. Cultivation pertains to growing, possessing, or producing naturally of components used in drug production. Good examples are cannabis seeds and marijuana plants. Cultivation and manufacture of marijuana, however, may be treated differently in some states that put in place exceptions in the medical and personal use of this drug.

Drug Trafficking

The law prohibits the sale, transport, and import of controlled substances. Drug trafficking and distribution, in fact, is considered more serious than possession as it involves transport of considerable amounts of drugs. The mere possession of large amounts of substance, however, can lead to distribution charges. The minimum punishment for drug trafficking is imprisonment for three years.

When involved in these situations, it’s important to hire a drug crime attorney. A lawyer specializing in this area of practice can effectively represent you and your interest before the drug court.