3 Unfortunate Situations In Which You Must File for Birth Injury

Birth InjuryWhen you’ve given birth and a medical malpractice occurs, you can sue the hospital, doctor, or other medical staff if you can prove the damages to either you or your newborn. Whether it’s before or during the birth of your child, you have the right to take legal actions when necessary. Here are three cases where you can go to court and get the justice you and your baby deserves.

Injury to Infant

If the infant has been injured because the doctor assigned to you didn’t use sensible care during the delivery of the baby and decides to erroneously do it prematurely. A common cause of injury is when the doctor fails to monitor the oxygen intake of the baby. If any error causes an injury to the baby (like brain damage), you can sue the doctor not just for your current medical expenses but for the rehabilitation and other needs of the baby.

Injury to Mother

The most common cause of injury to the mother is when the doctor fails to control the amount of blood lost. In this case, you can definitely sue for birth injury. The doctor also needs to know if you have high blood pressure or any other medical condition before the delivery. If the doctor forgets this information and causes injury to you, you can also file for birth injury with the help of a birth injury attorney from Atlanta, such as Tyrone Law Firm.

Wrongful Birth

You can file a wrongful birth action if the doctor failed to warn you about your baby’s imminent birth defects. Medical professionals are required to disclose this to parents to give them a choice to avoid or end the pregnancy. Usually, this happens because of negligence to detect the gender or physical or mental deficiencies in the first stage of pregnancy.

You have the right to file for birth injury if you come across these three unfortunate situations. Make sure to work with an experienced lawyer you can trust to help you throughout the entire process.