Real Estates & Litigation: A Closer Look at Real Estate and Property Law

Property Law Real estate and property law cover a range of legal topics and issues. It involves different real estate transactions guided by policies set by the government and standards established by the industry. It has policies in buying and selling commercial and residential properties and includes financing aspects in real estate deals. Mortgages and foreclosures, for instance, are commonly tackled issues in real estate and property law.

Real Estate: The Basics

Some people, especially those who are not familiar with this subject, often use the terms real estate, real property, and realty interchangeably. They use “real estate” to pertain to the home or structure built on a land. Real estate involves more than that, however. It does not only include the house, structure, trees, and everything affixed to the land. The law sees the rights, benefits, and interests of the owner as attachments to the real property.

Causes of Litigation

Litigation in this area of law covers different types of conflict. One of the most common issues is foreclosure. There are many cases wherein the foreclosure of a house can be contestable. Real estate lawyers in Denver noted that filing a lawsuit might be the necessary action to take to find out if a property foreclosure should stop or be allowed to proceed. Other common conflicts that lead to litigation include mortgage disputes and defaults, implied warranties, and contract penalty clauses.

Lawyer Service

Conflicts in the legal area can be complex and daunting. This is especially true for people who are not familiar with the federal law and state statutes. The good news is you can always have a real estate lawyer to represent and guide you along the way. When facing charges, your lawyer can protect your rights and interest. The same is true when you are the one filing for a claim and pushing for litigation.

Real estate is an investment that you should not take for granted. Hire a reliable and well-experienced attorney to ensure positive results with your real estate issues.

Severity of Crime vs. Criminal Record Expungement

Criminal Record ExpungementIt is difficult to move on when you have a criminal record. It will always show on background checks even if you are simply looking for a space to rent. While the law gives a second chance to people convicted of a criminal offense, it still is not for everyone. The requirements for criminal record expungement are different from one state to another and are greatly dependent on the severity of the crime committed.

Severity of Crime vs. Expungement

The severity of a crime is a huge determining factor whether a criminal record qualifies for expunction. Infractions may be minor offenses, but they would still appear on your record. These types are usually easier to expunge, unlike misdemeanors. This can be truer if the person has committed a misdemeanor on more than one occasion. 

There are also instances when a misdemeanor is lifted to a felony crime, like a petty theft becoming larceny when the amount of property stolen has reached more than $500. Instances like these could blow away your one chance. For serious felonies and repeat offenders who have faced sentencing twice, there is likely no chance for expunction.

Statutes of Limitations

David A. Nachtigall recommends checking your state’s statute of limitations or ask for help from a criminal lawyer in Houston or wherever you live before filing for anything. You must be free of any more convictions since the completion of your probation before you qualify for expunction. 

Special Considerations

Most states do not allow expunction if you have been a repeat offender and have faced sentencing twice, or have been imprisoned. There are special considerations given to selected individuals who have shown remarkable improvement, however. This includes being clear of any other offenses and violations for a very long time.

Classifications of Crimes

Knowing the different types of crimes will give you a better understanding as to how criminal record expungement works. Crimes are classified based on severity. The least serious ones are classified as infractions and are only punishable by fines and tickets. 

Misdemeanors, on the other hand, are crimes that are more serious than infractions. Crimes of this type are punishable by fines and jail time, which does not take longer than 12 months. Felonies are the most serious and are punishable by bigger fines and/or jail time of more than one year. The most serious types of felony, or those rated Class A, are punishable by life imprisonment or death penalty.

Expunging a criminal record is a great way for law offenders to clean up their records and start again. It may mean a waste of time, however, if you have committed a serious crime or have been a repeat offender. Timing your filing is also one way to qualify for expunction.

Asset Protection Techniques You Need to Know Now

Asset Protection Preserving your assets is more important now than ever. It is a way of protecting not only your legacy, but also the financial security of your family or any charitable causes you are involved in. This is particularly important when unexpected claims and liabilities arise. Good thing, there are several ways to ensure that your wealth is well preserved

Here are some hacks you need to add on your asset preservation strategy.

Move before legal claims arise

When it comes to asset protection, it’s not enough that you expect the unexpected. You have to translate it to action by setting up a plan as soon as possible. Some people do so only when facing a legal claim. If you really want to preserve your wealth, it pays to have your asset protection plan set when unfortunate events happen. The courts will more likely be in favor of you if you have a plan set up well before a lawsuit is filed against you.

Prepare your business successors

People who own large businesses also need to make the necessary planning to preserve and protect their assets. They should realize the need to ensure the preparedness of their business’ next generation of owners. A business succession planning will be a lot of help here. Through a plan, you can ensure a smooth transition of ownership, while keeping your assets well preserved even on the verge of costly lawsuits.

Seek professional advice

Asset protection lawyers in Utah suggest seeking good advice from the pros. This does not only apply when making a move that involves assets, but also when creating a strategy to maximize your assets’ protection. A good lawyer must be able to help you explore your options and guide you in case of claims and liabilities that may pose a threat to your wealth.

Asset protection is not as complicated as it may sound. When you know your priorities and when your get good advice from qualified people, it’s easier to have peace of mind that all that you’ve worked hard for all these years are very much safe and secure.

A Lucrative Career as a Paralegal?

Paralegal CareerIf you wish to become a lawyer, but cannot continue the traditional way of legal studies, then you can consider enrolling in an online course. The online paralegal programs are ideal for those who have time management and financial issues.

But, there's no such thing as the online paralegal programs are inferior to the traditional legal courses. After taking the necessary paralegal programs online and passing the tests, you can definitely embark on a career as a successful legal assistant or lawyer.

Here are some of the benefits of studying on the Web:

  • Completion of studies at your own pace: You do not have to complete the course as per the set standards of a traditional classroom course. You can complete your studies and take the examinations at your own pace.
  • Ideal for students with travelling constraints: Since, you do not have to travel in order to attend classes, it is ideal for students who have travelling constraints. Moreover, you will be saving money on travelling to attend the classes.
  • Choose your own employer: It is mandatory for students to serve as an apprentice to lawyers or legal firms for a certain period of time. If you enroll in an online paralegal course you are allowed to choose your employer and even change in case you are not comfortable with your present employer.
  • Online resources: You will have access to an online library that will be beneficial for the completion of your studies. This facility is not available for students following traditional process for legal studies.
  • Interactive sessions: Online paralegal courses allow you to interact with your teachers online from the comfort of your home.

So if you perceive yourself as a lawyer, then you should definitely consider enrolling in an online paralegal certification course.

Save Yourself: Filing for Divorce from an Abusive Spouse

Divorce Case in Castle RockDomestic violence is experienced in some form or the other, and a significant number of its victims are women. The saddest part is the impact of the abuse is not restricted to the victim alone, but also children and other loved ones. Domestic abuse can scar lives and also have a direct bearing on your professional life. Here’s a quick action guide to help you know your rights before filing for a divorce from an abusive spouse.

Setting a Protective Order

Though laws differ from state to state, they are more or less congruent when it comes to subjects such as domestic abuse. The first legal plan of action can be getting a protective order from the court. Your lawyer will have to establish that your partner is a direct threat to you in the form of evidences of abuse. The abuse also includes sexual and emotional abuse, apart from physical abuse.

With a protective order, the abuser is prohibited from contacting you, and you have the right to reside in your current home if you feel safe.

Find Shelter

If you fear for your safety before or after filing for a divorce, seek residence in a shelter home. In Castle Rock, for instance, you can get information about divorce and shelter homes for battered women from a lawyer or your local county Sheriff’s office. In addition, there are several victims help lines that can direct you to the shelter home in your county. Ensure you disclose your location only to selected people.

Find Emotional Support

An abusive relationship can wreck havoc with your mental health. Find plenty of emotional encouragement from supportive family members and friends. Talk to professionals such as counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers to seek expert help in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Find a legal professional in your area to discuss your case and know the best action you can take in case of domestic abuse for your and your children’s safety and well-being.