Work Safety: Are You in Need of a Brain Injury Lawyer?

Brain Injury LawyerIf you're looking for a brain injury lawyer, either you or someone you know has suffered a head injury with possibly long lasting effects. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to paralysis or even a ticking clock to a person's death.

Unlike other head defects such as cerebral palsy, which a lawyer can dispute in court for medical practice, head injuries that happen at work can be avoided.

If the work environment is fit for employees to work in, there is nothing for employers to worry about. If they knowingly allowed workers to continue carrying out their shifts in an unsafe environment, however, you could have a case against your employer if you ended up getting hurt.

Did You Hit Your Head at Work?

Let’s say that an employee had a slip and fall accident at work. This employee is a bartender who requested their employer repeatedly to bring in non-slip mats, which could help them out as they move around the bar every work shift to give customers their drinks.

The employer instructed to buy non-slip work shoes instead — which the bartender did even if it was not their request. The shoes only helped a little, however, as there always seemed to be standing water in a specific area because of a leaking cooler. This was also an issue that the employee reported, but they were ignored. The bartender ended up slipping one day, fell, and hit his head on the way down.

Do You Have a Case?

The bartender in the above situation had repeatedly told his employer that he needed non-slip mats behind the bar, and that their cooler is leaking. Although the employer did respond to the issue, they didn’t fully do something about the root of the problem. If the employee can prove that they made their employer aware of the unsafe workplace, they could have an advantage when they take the case to court.

Get the necessary compensation and never let your right be unheard. Know what you can do in this situation and hire legal professional help if needed.

Why You Should Get a Paralegal Degree Online

Paralegal StudentIf you are interested in the law but do not have the qualifications to become a lawyer, you can work as a paralegal instead. You can get a paralegal degree online or in community college. Even if you do not get training as one, you can still qualify for the job. Paralegals can make good money. They make about $48,000 a year, not bad considering the median wage for all of the US is $35,500. Here are some things you need to know if you are thinking of becoming a paralegal.


Community college is a good place to get paralegal training, but some people would rather go for online courses. According to, in paralegal degree online, courses are easily available, which is not the case for most schools. However, if you have a degree in a different field, you can still apply for the job as long as you have the skills to be a legal assistant. You need to be good at research, and you should be able to write well. You can also qualify as a paralegal without a degree if you get enough experience as a research assistant in a law firm.

Job prospects

There is good demand for paralegals today. It should grow 8% from 2014 to 2024, so this is a good time to get the proper training. It is as good a job or better than most. Some law firms might require someone with legal training, but others are willing to give on-the-job training in legal research and writing. You do have to have the computer skills, however, and it would help if you have some experience in a specialty such as taxes or nursing.


You might get better offers if you have a certificate. Paralegals are unregulated, so you do not need a license or certification. However, it would be good if you have some proof that you have paralegal training.

A job as a paralegal is a good one, and if you like the law, it can be a great one. It could even be the first step to becoming a lawyer. At the very least, you have practical experience in the trenches. That is a major advantage if you ever decide to go to law school.

Utah Estate Planning: Defining a Revocable Living Trust

Estate Planning in Utah A revocable living trust is a valuable tool for estate planning since it enables you to control and utilize your assets even when you’re still living and then pass them on to your chosen beneficiaries when you pass away. It offers privacy and flexibility, which you won’t get with other options for estate planning.

What Exactly is a Revocable Living Trust?

In Utah, a revocable living trust is made for managing assets included in a grantor’s trust. A grantor is an individual who set up the revocable trust. It can be revoked or altered subject to your wishes. However, while it makes perfect sense to put all your assets in the trust, not all assets like retirement accounts and life insurance can be included in your trust, adds, an estate planning lawyer in Salt Lake City. You should likewise pick a trustee that can efficiently manage your trust. However, while it’s normal to designate yourself as a trustee so you can better control your assets, you’ll have to assign a trustee to succeed you upon your death. Your chosen trustee will continue managing and protecting your assets in the trust and will allocate them to your chosen beneficiaries as per your instructions. Having a revocable living trust will also enable you to avoid probate, which is an extremely lengthy legal procedure wherein the court will deliberate whether to approve your assets and endorse your will’s provisions. This could take several months and could be costly since you have to consider fees for the court, lawyer, and executor. Put simply, assets included in a will can only be passed on at the conclusion of probate, whereas assets in a revocable living trust can be passed on as soon as possible, if you wish.

Should I Make a Revocable Living Trust?

Ask yourself this: do you want to preserve certain assets for yourself or your family? If you answer yes, then it’s ideal that you make a revocable living trust. Additionally, your age and marital status do not really matter. Ultimately, you should seek help from an experienced estate planning attorney so you can determine if having a revocable living trust is the best option for you.

You Can Stop or Delay a Home Foreclosure Process

Home ForeclosureIf you think there’s nothing more problematic than a clogged toilet or a leaking basement, think again. As a homeowner, there’s nothing more challenging than being on the verge of losing your home. Nobody wants to experience a home foreclosure. There are instances, however, that you just can’t attend to your obligation to your mortgage.

Your receipt of a Notice of Default (NOD) is not the end of it. Fortunately, there are ways to stop the foreclosure, or at least delay the process so you can find a solution or prepare yourself for what is going to happen down the road. Here are a few tips for you.


When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay order will be issued by the court. This way, you can get protection for your rights as the owner of the property. It opens up the chance to enter into a reaffirmation agreement with your lending company. Renegotiate with the lender and revise the terms and conditions of your mortgage loan based on your current financial situation. To learn more about this option, you may seek the help of a bankruptcy attorney in Little Rock.

Short Sale

Another possible solution is to pursue short sale. You can go for this option if the value of the property is less than the loan’s outstanding balance. In this option, the lending company renegotiates a lower balance. As a result, you can put the property at a better price in the market. For the lending company to allow a short sale, they will consider a discounted loan. They can get more savings that way.

Loan Modification

You may also choose to have a loan modification. The process involving a loan mod can be complicated. You may seek the service of a lawyer specializing in this type of loan. The objective of this process is to create a new agreement with your lender. You can do this by extending the amortization period of the mortgage. The monthly payment will be less if you extend your loan’s life. This gives you the convenience to pay your outstanding balance.

You can stop a foreclosure by using smart and practical options. Learn more about your options by seeking professional help.

3 Good Reasons Being a Paralegal is Worth the Effort

Paralegal For most people, the legal sector is exclusive to lawyers and judges – but it isn’t. Paralegals are an important part of this industry, too. As a matter of fact, many of the services of an attorney would be impossible to complete without the help of a paralegal.

Being a paralegal is something you can consider if you want to venture into this career path. But, why is it worth it to be a paralegal? What makes the job worth the effort of taking paralegal certification online courses? Check out these reasons:


The greatest appeal of a paralegal position is that it is generally stable. The demand for lawyers is on the upswing, which means the demand for paralegals is also following the same trajectory. Ergo, the job market is stable and will have more spots open for aspiring paralegals.


Growth is also a key strength in the paralegal profession. It is fairly easy to pick up multiple skills while you work at a law firm. The salary is also very competitive, plus it has room for improvement. You get to grow as a professional and as a person just by working as a paralegal. Not a lot of jobs can offer that.


This is pretty underrated, but the service paralegals render is just amazing when you look at it. You, as an individual, get to help people who have been wronged. You are in charge of helping them get back on their feet after a major hit. You, together with your attorney, make the world a better place, even by just a little bit. The fulfillment that comes from this fact is priceless.

The prestige of the legal industry is only a bonus when you work as a paralegal. These reasons make the profession more than worth the effort.

Handling Disputes in an Unfriendly Neighbourhood

Disputes in an Unfriendly NeighbourhoodWho does not dream of a friendly neighbourhood, where everyone gets along well with one another? Sadly, that’s not always the case. The smallest issues, such as who parks where, can cause ire between neighbours. Some of these issues do not end well.

There are many common causes of disputes in the neighbourhood, and sometimes, it is necessary for legal battles to ensue for them to reach a resolution. Law offices like Connolly Suthers are regular witnesses to them. Here are some of the ways to avoid and resolve disputes in the neighbourhood.


One of the top issues in residential areas is noise. One household may want to party all night, while another wants to enjoy the peace and quiet. If your neighbour is one for raucous partying, talk to him amicably about the matter. It may also work well if you know beforehand how to approach him, by asking other neighbours.

If some of them also find the noise bothersome, ask them to talk to him as well. Make a compromise, and agree on schedules. You may want to ask him to tell you ahead of time if he’s going to hold a house party.

Property Boundaries

This causes a lot of confusion among residents. Most do not know where their properties begin and end, and sometimes, they take up space that isn’t theirs. It is hard to approach a neighbour about this if you are not familiar about property boundaries. Before knocking on his door read up and understand rules about it. You understanding it is just as important as making him understand it.

If he isn’t willing to reach an agreement, you may call the neighbourhood association to raise your concerns, and hopefully address them.

Overhanging Branches, Trash and Other Visual Nuisance

Homeowners want a place that’s easy on the eyes, so an unkempt place is a visual nuisance. More than being eyesores, overhanging tree branches and trash may also cause accidents and health problems in the area. Dirty community gardens also contribute to this issue. To resolve this, express your concerns to the other parties. For community issues, agree on a schedule for cleaning, housekeeping and garbage collection.

An amicable approach backed by facts is the way to resolve these disputes. Through it, neighbourhoods can be a friendly place, and everybody can get along. 

Understanding the Income Shares Model

Child SupportIn Colorado, guidelines on how parents will support their children in case of a divorce are spelled out. These guidelines are complex and detailed. You may need help from a child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs to understand the income shares model. The basic concept of the model is to approximate the total support amount that the children would require from an intact family. This amount is split between the parents in a proportional manner based on their incomes.

Completing a Child Support Worksheet

Choose worksheet A, which entails sole physical care. The parent having less physical time with their children should complete this form. Worksheet B is completed when the children spend more than 93 overnights with both parents. Separate worksheets are filled when the parents have a split care situation. The worksheets are completed based on the parenting time, which forms the basis of adjustments in support amounts. According to, it's the court’s discretion to determine the child support amount to be contributed by each parent.

Assessing the Income to be Used towards Child Support

By consulting the Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations, you learn more about the basic support obligations. Below is the analysis of the income and expenses used in calculating the child support amount.

  • Gross Income: This includes wages, self-employment income insurance benefits, pensions, and commissions.
  • Gross Income Adjustments – Spousal maintenance is added to the gross income. The parent paying the spousal maintenance or any support to the children can deduct this amount from the gross income.
  • Other Expenses – This includes health insurance cost and any other childcare costs or expenses ordered by the court. Based on the proportion to their incomes, parents should share these expenses.
  • Imputed Income – In the evidence of unemployment, the court may determine the amount to be contributed by such a parent based on his or her income.

For a child who has completed high school, child support obligation goes on up to the month that the child turns 18. The courts can modify child support in case of material changes in circumstances.

4 Ways to Handle Legal Divorce Proceedings Better

Going through a divorce is a difficult and trying time, emotionally. However, even though you are finding it hard to get the courage to fight and stand up for your rights, you need to get it together to get the divorce settlement you deserve. The legal process can be more stressful than you have anticipated, especially if you didn’t end in the best of terms. If this is the case, here are some legal tips you may find helpful.

Communicate with Your Spouse

Not communicating properly with your spouse will only make matters worse. That’s why, as difficult as it is, you still need to keep your line of communication open especially regarding spousal support, property division, and custody. Not communicating will only prolong the whole process.

Disclose All Assets and Properties

Hiding some of your assets and properties in the hope of not sharing it with your spouse is a very risky thing to do because it’s illegal. If you do this, you will most likely lose a possible settlement and be up for more legal proceedings. According to, let your chosen divorce attorney in Spanish Fork fight for the settlement you deserve.

Don’t Sell Any Major Asset

Moreover, you can’t also sell any major asset during a divorce proceeding. The court may see that you’re doing this with an ulterior motive and it will only complicate the whole divorce proceedings.

Ask Questions

Although you may be feeling more emotional than usual, you still need to keep a clear mind during the divorce proceedings. Ask your spouse, your divorce lawyer, and your spouse’s lawyer all questions you can possibly think of. This way, you won’t be caught off guard during the proceedings.

Don’t forget these things to make the divorce process go as smoothly as possible. You don’t need the extra stress that legal problems may cause, so it’s best to work with a credible divorce lawyer.

Gray Divorce: Making the Process Less Stressful

Gray DivorceWhile ending a marriage is more common in younger couples, the divorce rate among people 50 years old and over has doubled in the past two decades. The reasons are far less melodramatic, with couples noting they grew apart and their past issues have intensified. Calling it quits after 50 is more challenging, as it means splitting up both emotionally and financially. If you are considering divorce at this time of your life, it is important to prepare for the entire process and the challenges ahead. As Lewis & Matthews, P.C. notes, “No one realizes how complicated dissolving a marriage is until one must endure the experience.”

Cooperation and Compromises

To make the process less stressful, cooperation from both parties is necessary. Divorce attorneys note this will also help avoid arguments and make sure both parties are on the same page financially. This may also mean compromising on current lifestyles and life plans to get finances and savings back on track.

Changes and Life Goals

Divorce at this age will make it difficult for you to fulfill some of your life goals. This is because you have to split or divide shared retirement savings with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. It is best to evaluate your ideas from a financial perspective. Do not hesitate to make changes if you cannot afford to achieve your goals. The best thing you can do is to be realistic in funding the things you want in life.

Divorce and Older Kids

Do not assume that your children can deal with pain just because they are old enough to think for themselves. The truth is divorce can be harder on older children. Your kids may find themselves questioning their childhood memories, thinking they were fake or devalued. Some divorcing parents may also turn to their kids for advice and express their feelings about the entire process. Embrace healthy boundaries and talk to a lawyer or counselor for advice. When you are over 50 and divorcing, you should think more about your future instead of dwelling in the past and your loss. While divorce marks the end of your relationship, it can help you build a new life and regain happiness.